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A Message from Justin Gray
CEO & Founder of LeadMD

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AZ Local Impact Fund for COVID-19 Small Business Relief

We’re Better Together

About the AZ Local Impact Fund

Invest Southwest and LeadMD have joined forces to launch the AZ Local Impact Fund, created in response to COVID-19. The relief fund aims to provide financial support to small businesses and those they employ in order to preserve the local economy and inject much-needed financial support during this challenging time.

LeadMD and Invest Southwest have partnered together in this initiative, complementing one another with their expertise in marketing and entrepreneurial programs, respectively.

LeadMD is seeding the fund with an initial investment of $50,000 to launch the program and set a precedent for other AZ businesses to give back.

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Why Give Back

LeadMD and Invest Southwest want to do our part to keep small companies and the people they employ in our home state in business. We’re working together through this time of global crisis and inviting others in our community who have the available resources to donate to the fund and help us do all we can to support one another as we navigate these economic hardships together.

If you’re looking for a way to help, your own backyard is the best place to start.

Time to get to work!

How the Fund Works

Everything raised by the fund will go directly to supporting local businesses that apply for support beginning in April 2020. A committee that will consist of local leaders and Invest Southwest Board Members will review all applications submitted by small businesses and determine how much of the relief fund will be allocated to each, according to predefined criteria.

Applicant criterion includes:

  • Must be headquartered in Arizona
  • Must have been in business for one to three years
  • Must be currently selling or servicing customers in AZ, as of February 2020
  • Must communicate a clear understanding of how funds will be used, including how employees and the business will be directly affected by the funds
  • Must detail specifically how COVID-19 has impacted business
  • Must provide requested financial documents to verify business operations and revenue

Giving Back Matters

Unsure of contributing? Here are some great reasons to give back.

  • Lead by example

  • Support Arizona’s economy

  • Fuel the local economy

  • Help create jobs