Network Automation & Cybersecurity Simply Automated

SMART Brain Aging, Inc.

We offer a empirically-validated, digitally-administered, cognitive intervention program designed to prevent and/or mitigate the effects of early-stage dementia.

Tellspec USA

Tellspec Ltd. is a company with a mission to help create a clean food revolution by providing the most relevant and accurate information about what is in food. We offer real-time, reliable, non-destructive, hand-held food analysis.

Trym, Inc.

Reinventing insurance from the ground up and using it to solve real business owner problems. Trym is the first insurance experience designed exclusively for the modern day micro business (0-10 employees). We are Rocket Mortgage meets Zenefits for micro businesses.

WIQ Pinnacle

WIQ Pinnacle is a new entity combining the Ynsyte organization and the Advanced Strategy Center for the further development of the WIQ software platform. WIQ is a cloud-based SaaS collaboration platform for real-time engagement of teams from 10-100 participants for ideation and decision-making.

WynZyn, LLC

An app and web based advertising platform that delivers extremely targeted ads to users and unprecedented user engagement and attribution to advertisers. Our advertising methodology eliminates fraud and waste in digital advertising.


A podcasting platform that allows anyone to become a podcaster with practically no technical knowledge, by using our simple to use mobile app or web app.

PerioEndoscopy, LLC

Micro-endoscope for dentists and hygienists to allow them to SEE below the gum-line to fully remove calculus without surgery or a blind procedure called SRP. Provides a High Definition 100x magnified image of the calculus below the gum-line. This is Visual-SRP

Lectric Longboards

An electric longboard company. We provide the small electric vehicle market and longboarding market a board that has a motor attached to it. This board can go 22 mph, up to 18 miles on a single charge, and is 1/3 our competitors. price.


Prenda sells web-based software to libraries and schools to help kids learn computer programming. We leverage existing infrastructure (staff, computers, space) at the schools and libraries. Our software guides kids through learning computer programming at in-person code clubs.